The city of dreams


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan,
Zara Hat Ke,
 Zara Bach Ke,
Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan….

Three years in Mumbai – the city of dreams! When in Bombay (Mumbai) I have complained about the rains, ever-developing roads, the water issues, etc. but the city never ceases to surprise me with its charm!

Some time back I watched few scenes from ‘Wake up Sid’. It inspired me to the extent that I made the city my home, a destination meant for my soul. I have been chanting the name ‘M-U-M-B-A-I’ even in my dreams ever since my Bangalore Days and now it’s been three years I’m realising this dream.

That cage that Aisha (Konkona)- the new girl in the city embellishes with lights, that yellow couch, that paint is all that I dream of now. An independent girl in a new city earning her own position ! That is so me ! Creative dreams, photography, traveling, exploring new things and leading a life that way is something I yearn for ! This dream coupled with Debo – what more can I ask for ?

I realized how much I want to be in the city when I spent an entire night sitting at Marine Drive with Debo and Tarun and admiring that ‘Queen’s Necklace’; on my birthday night, gorging over midnight buffet at Marine Plaza, sipping tea again at Marine Drive and feeling the cool breeze of the Arabian sea slowly caressing me. What could be better than this ?

What a contradiction – the murmuring sound of the waves with  a background of Taj Mahal Palace hotel, shouting out its history of the deadly and shameful attack of 26/11. The fresh air of the Arabian sea would fill the air with so much freshness that it conceals the smell of the gunpowder, fades away the sound of gun firing  and cries of several people victimized by the attack.

The spirit of Mumbai is never-dying. People say it right ! The city recoils itself and never let the dreams die. Mumbai is ever-changing, but the sea is always unchanging, witnessing how the city changes and how it fulfill people’s dream who calls it “The city of dreams“.

In the movie, Sid said it right – ‘Mumbai – the city never sleeps’ !


In the midst of the mist…


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Counting days; impatient heart; the restless night

I close my eyes and see a flash; soothing and bright,

A tear, so pious, rolled down my cheek,

Not knowing why, asked I, in a voice so meek –

“I tried my best to save,

Is it the best or worst I can have ?”

Before that drop loses the touch of my face

A sound catches my ear; a reckon more or less;

My heart pounds; but its a ‘friend’; a long lost crush;

Forgotten; snaps back from the city of dreams with a rush

Feelings in heart, words in lips, loneliness concealed

Mocks love and fakes life to be full-filled !

Understands though but refuses to admit and admire

With a secret in his heart and conceiving a dream put afire.

A bud between my fingers, smokey; a night so hallucinating,

With hair so dark; open and fragrance linger and waiting –

A tear drop to my accompaniment,

Late at night a tinkle to snatch my sentiment !

A drunkard voice, confronting his heart,

Talking of adoration with an utterance, such an art;

Realizing my once lost crush, cries out love –

Feelings entwined and enchanted; the Heaven over and above,

Blessed me with a gift, a soul to treasure,

A hand to hold and time endless, to be together.

Again a tear rolls down, not of sorrow but with the smile

You are there embracing me not just for a while

Promising an eternal enfold beyond all blues

And so the night continues ..